East Crompton St George's CE Primary School

Proud to be part of the Cranmer Education Trust

Love of learning, Independence, God in our hearts, High achieving, Together as one family.

Outstanding Partnership

Partner schools Blue Coat School and East Crompton St George are officially Outstanding.

In their recent SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) inspection, inspectors found that "learners at all levels are ambitious, work hard and achieve very well, leading one youngster to say, ‘School moulds me to be the very best version of myself.’" 

The leadership of both schools came in for praise:

"Due to (the Headteacher's) vision, governors’ commitment and staff enthusiasm, Blue Coat has been able to embrace significant change, becoming a more open and diverse community without compromising the school’s traditions of excellence and care."

"The school is very well led by leaders whose personal faith and commitment to developing the distinctiveness of St George’s as a church school are outstanding”, 

as did the quality of teaching and extra-curricular activities.  Particular praise was made for both schools' positive approach to the changing face of the community.  Blue Coat is described as "a remarkable community, securely founded in its Christian identity yet modelling unity in diversity. Notwithstanding its size, everyone is deeply known and cared about."

The real strength of both schools, however, is in their partnership, both with each other and with other organizations:  "Blue Coat has willingly taken on the lead role in school improvement within the academy trust and shares its strength with others through its role in initial teacher training, teaching leaders and as a teaching school. By working on the wider map, the school receives back many benefits of partnership."

And "(ECSG's) partnerships with the diocese and with the lead school of the academy trust are strong and effective. Relationships amongst all members of the school family are purposeful and supportive. Parents speak of the openness of the school and of the commitment of staff".

Blue Coat Headteacher Julie Hollis, who is shortly to take on the full-time leadership of the Cranmer Trust, the partnership of schools that includes both Blue Coat and East Crompton St. George’s, Mayfield, and which is submitting a bid to open a new secondary school said:

"We are naturally delighted by these reports.  They underline the value of the collaborative approach and reaffirm our approach to partnership within Oldham.  The Multi-Academy Trust, and our teacher-training arm, Manchester Nexus allow us to share experience and best practice across the borough.  This is the future of education.

We want all our students to finish their education saying, to quote one pupil, from the recent inspection ‘Best. Experience. Ever’."