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Religious Education Curriculum

Here is the Religious Education Curriculum for East Crompton St. George's CE Primary School.We follow the Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education Religious Education syllabus. This was adopted by the Governing Body in the academic year 2015-16

The inclusion of NCF units  (Non-Christian Faith) ensures that the legal requirement of 20% of teaching time is focussed on non-Christian faiths in accordance with the Statement of Entitlement produced by the National Society

Foundation Stage

Autumn Spring Summer
Themes Me. Others and the World Around Me Jesus Special places, times and objects

I am special


Special people


Stories Jesus Heard

Stories Jesus Told



Special Places


Special Times

Key Stage 1

Autumn Spring Summer
Year 1

1.2 God & Creation (5hrs)


1.1 Harvest – NCF link (3hrs)


1.3 Christmas gifts & gift bringers (4 hrs)

1.4 Jesus was special (6hrs)


1.5 Easter celebrating new life (6hrs)

1.7 Baptism – NCF link (5hrs)


1.6 Saints and Followers (4hrs)


S11 Joseph (3-4hrs) if time allows

Year 2

2.1 The Bible (6hrs)

NCF unit - Special books (4hrs)


2.2 Good News and News bringers (4hrs)

2.3 Jesus friend to everyone (6hrs)


2.4 Easter - symbols (5hrs)

2.5 The Church (5hrs)


NCF unit – Places of worship (4hrs)


May have time for an S Unit

Lower Key Stage 2

Autumn Spring Summer
Year 3

3.1 The Old Testament – Called by God (6hrs)


Harvest – NCF link (3hrs)


3.2 Christmas – God with us (4hrs)

3.3 Jesus the man who changed lives (6hrs)


3.4 Easter – Joy, Sadness, Joy (5hrs)

3.5 Rules for living (6hrs)


NCF unit: Rules for living (6hrs)

Year 4

4.5 The Church (6hrs)


NCF unit – Sacred Places (6hrs)


Christmas – Light – NCF link (6hrs)

4.3 Jesus the Son of God – NCF link (7hrs)


4.4 Easter – betrayal and trust (5hrs)

4.6 Prayer (4hrs)


S2 – The Lord’s Prayer (3-4hrs)


S4 Why do Christians sing in worship? (3-4 hrs)

Upper Key Stage 2

Autumn Spring Summer
Year 5

5.1 The Bible (6hrs)


NCF unit – Sacred books/ texts (5 hrs)


5.2 Christmas – Gospels of Matthew & Luke (4hrs)

5.3 Jesus – Teacher (6hrs)


5.4 Easter – Victory (5hrs)

5.9 Pentecost what happened next? (6hrs)


5.5 Women in the Old Testament – NCF unit (7 hrs)

Year 6

6.1 Life as a journey (6hrs)



NCF Unit – Pilgrimage (4hrs)


6.2 Christmas – Advent (4hrs)


Non-Christian Faith Unit – Passover (6hrs)


6.3 Eucharist (3hrs)


6.4 Easter – Who was Jesus? (4hrs)

6.6 Ideas about God (6hrs)


6.7 People of Faith (6hrs)