East Crompton St George's CE Primary School

Proud to be part of the Cranmer Education Trust

Love of learning, Independence, God in our hearts, High achieving, Together as one family.

Our Staff

Teaching Staff

Mrs Rachel Ross


Designated Safeguarding Person

Mrs A Robinson
Year 3 Teacher/ Deputy Headteacher
English Writing Coordinator

Maths Coordinator

Assessments Leader

Deputy Safeguarding Designated Person

Mrs R Bailey
Reception Teacher
EYFS Senior Leader
Art & DT Coordinator
Eco Team Leader

School Council Leader

Mrs J Ewins
Year 1 Teacher 



Miss A Cooke
Year 5C Teacher

History Coordinator

Extra Curricular Lead

Miss J Robinson
Year 4 Teacher

MFL Coordinator

PSHE Coordinator

Miss E Riley
Year 5R Teacher

Music Coordinator

IT Coordinator

Miss D Holt
Year 6 Teacher

Science Coordinator

English Reading Coordinator

Miss E Borthwick

Year 2 Teacher

Georgraphy Coordinator

Mr D Jokhi

Cover Teacher

IT Coordinator


Teaching Assistants

Miss K Schwarz

Miss J Smith

Miss L Burgoyne

Mrs A Swindell

Mrs H Crabtree

Mrs J Hartley (Behaviour)

Mrs M Gledhill

Mrs J Pratt

Mrs C Hollinshead

Miss Y Fleming

Senior TA Mrs C Fallon

HLTA Mrs N Lord (Also Attendance Officer
and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Person)

Support Staff

Office Manager: Mrs D Fox

Administrative Assistant: Miss S Wedge

Administrative Assistant: Mrs M Gledhill

Site Manager: Mr G Semp

BASC Coordinator: Miss S Monaghan

BASC Playworker: Mrs L Butterworth

BASC Playworker: Mrs M Bardsley

Cleaner: Mrs J Senior

Cleaner: Mr K Clarke

Lunchtime Staff

School Cook: Mr A Simpson

Kitchen Assistant: Mrs G Tsaparidou

Kitchen Assistant: Mrs S Goodwin

Mid-day Supervisor: Miss S Monaghan

Mid-day Supervisor: Mrs K Edmends

Mid-day Supervisor: Mrs R Braz

Mid-day Supervisor: Mrs M Tan